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Lux Fix

For a fix of lux!


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Global Goals

I was very pleased to do a small thing for the United Nation’s ‘Global Goals’. With my new son Blaise in my arms I chose a subject I think often about- gender equality.

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Little London Magazine

A photograph appears in this month’s Little London magazine of my children and me on the sofa in front of the painting I did. It is to accompany a small interview I did.
Helene Sandberg- the photographer did a lovely job and I would like to have her round again to photograph me, Hector, Maud, Nancy as well as my new son Blaise.

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A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with Vivienne Westwood

Yesterday afternoon I went to tea with Vivienne Westwood. Which was a great opportunity to don a Vivienne number- albeit in a somewhat altered style. Lucky for me she has been making dropped elastic waists recently.
The tea party was to honour Vivienne’s cover design and introduction in a new, special edition of ‘ Alice in Wonderland.’
DSC_0010The book celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. Who better cast to collaborate with the celebration of the longevity of this clever book than Vivienne Westwood who has always pushed at the boundaries of conventional ideas. Vivienne is passionate that everything we are told should be questioned because a lot of it is not true, a view so perfectly illustrated at the mad- hatter’s tea party. I was delighted Vivienne told my daughters yesterday to think for themselves in life, I hope it is a memory they shall treasure and live by!
They certainly LOVED the bag…
Who wouldn’t.

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Portrait by Ilka and Franz Part 1

The other day, I was requested for my portrait to be taken by a young German/ Austrian photographer duo called Ilka and Franz.
Impressed with their portfolio and being always eager to be part of a creative process I was delighted to oblige.
They had one request- that I should come with a prop.
I chose this Wedgwood teacup, mostly because I like the teacup’s design. Also, because I like tea and traditions.
This morning I took the overland train to a tall, pink block in Hackney to meet Ilka and Franz. I sat for Ilka and Franz as they photographed me alternately. I moved a bit, under the precise direction of Ilka and Franz.
This picture, of a moment in time when a pregnant, English- looking woman drinking tea in printed clothes, red lipstick and pearls, as she stared into the middle distance, will be part of a series of photographs by Ilka and Franz of ” influential women in the arts.”
I am flattered to be part of Ilka and Franz’s choice of women and had just the kind of morning I really enjoy participating in their project.

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Tiffany Rose to the Ivy Chelsea Garden

When pregnant and rather overly large in the stomach area dresses by Tiffany Rose are a very comfortable fit. Off on an evening out I wore mine with some bright colours.
The launch party of The Ivy Chelsea Garden on the Kings Road was a lively event. Mostly very snazzy sloanes, a few fashionistas and some clever celebrities drank champagne in a relaxingly large, luxury garden.
Standing in the orangery in the evening’s exceptional balminess the party felt like a momentary trip to an elegant Mediterranean coast.
Avoiding the old fashioned plumes of smoke and the effervescence of the champagne I stayed an hour or so enjoying the atmosphere, before retreating home.
Pregnant girls go to bed early!

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An Inspiring Day For A Pregnant Woman

Yesterday I did a shoot at my home for the wonderful ‘ NINE IN THE MIRROR.’ The online company is the creation of the uber- styly Adriana Chryssicopoulos and her friend and online marketer Tatiana Boisanger. NINE IN tHE MIRROR sells clothes for pregnancy and beyond. The ethos is to keep your style regardless and whilst embracing pregnancy.
I was delighted to model for them.
Lovely having my hair and make-up done at home in my bedroom.
My son, Hector has already broken up for the Easter holidays and was at home too. He was very sweet letting people in and out and carrying boxes of clothes. Enthused by the encouragement of the beautiful women who arrived from NINE IN THE MIRROR he decided to make a few nifty arrangements in the kitchen while ‘ Mum’ was busy. An old red plastic bowl was filled with popcorn and a chipped plate covered in some ( a little old) digestives. I hope he was only surprised and not too disappointed when the elegant and slender women politely declined his offerings.
After the shoot, already made up, I was ready for my evening’s outing.DSC_0021 Out into the windy night to go to the Belgraves hotel for the 3rd birthday of the launch of Spectator life magazine hosted by Olivia Cole and Andrew Neil. Inspired by my day and the article in the latest edition of Spectator Life about candidates for the next James Bond part, I suggested to Andrew that ‘James’ could become Jane. Not pregnant perhaps, but a woman certainly! He thought that was funny- in a good way, I hope.