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‘ Old Fashioned Values In A New Techno World’

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This is a picture of me and three of my children with one of our au- pairs in 2012. We have had many. Last week we collected a new au-pair from Kings Cross station. She is 18 and from France.
She is young like my children, which means she is technological. Because young people are. Previously, when the au- pair arrived, we would fish out an old phone from the drawer in my desk, go to Tescos for a pay- as you go sim card so that we could contact her if we needed to.
This new au- pair has her own phone, of course. It is a glossy, shiny, thin computer screen which takes you anywhere with one feathery touch.
Now my children have an older sister in the house with a fancy phone, laptop and nimble fingers. I need not worry that she is bored up in her room like I did with previous girls. Her phone and laptop supply endless entertainment.
The children love her phone which gave them an immediate appreciation of her, they say I should get the same one. This digital stuff is here to stay and the next generation would find a world without it isolated and slow.
While I’ll keep learning and adapting and appreciating a technological way of living I want to encourage some more old fashioned stuff to remain.
I wrote a piece in this autumn’s issue of ‘ The Mother Magazine” talking about this, it is titled; ” Old Fashioned Values In A New Techno World.”


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