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Is it obligatory at the end of a pregnancy to climb a ladder to sort some curtains or some other, otherwise, out of reach thing? Or am I dreaming of a photograph of my mother in the seventies in a painting smock up a ladder and heavily pregnant.. Either way the end of a pregnancy is an busy time, like preparing for a long trip to another country. Affairs should be in order and the house in shape.
I met a woman at a party recently who had, as I will have, four children. She always knew the birth was imminent when she found herself on all fours cleaning the floors with unusual vigour and determination. This instinctual pull to getting these boring jobs done may as well be made use of. The floors, cupboards and curtains could well never be sorted again with quite so much enthusiasm once the baby arrives and life goes on. The lavender tied in ribbons in the linen cupboard, the novels arranged by genre and the carefully arranged scrapbook of meaningful notes from the children will be reminders of those quiet, special moments full of hope and excitement for a magical new arrival!


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