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Seasonal Jobs in a House


This morning I took down the heavy curtains from the kitchen doors. It is a seasonal job- in the Summer we don’t use the curtains. I am a light lover- the more I get, the better I feel. The removal of the curtains gives more light to the room. Dusky daylight remains outside past our usual bedtime and the panes don’t become stark sheets of blackness as they do in Winter. There is not such an issue of keeping warm in the Summer and we like looking out at the garden during supper.
I try to keep ‘ seasonal jobs’ to a minimum, preferring to believe that no such long term commitment is needed because all household jobs are soon to be finished and other more interesting things pursued.
Gardens, though, do need changing care through the different weathers of the year. The fire that we have and love in the sitting room needs sweeping out on Winter mornings. Luckily my tree surgeon boyfriend takes care of the wood pile. Bedcovers, blankets, big jumpers and coats take up unnecessary space in the Summer. You are lucky if you have the space to store them and the energy to do it, knowing how quickly the months will pass when they will need dragging out again, hopefully not moth- eaten.
The job of being ‘Lady of the House’ goes relatively unnoticed by the other members of the house. The trick that I am hoping to master is a house and garden in such order that maintenance is minimal. The essential jobs will be pleasurable, or mostly anyway.


2 thoughts on “Seasonal Jobs in a House

  1. I must say I dread the extra seasonal jobs around the house – I barely manage to tread water as it is! I have just about managed to sort out my boys’ summer clothes, but mine are still rammed in with my winter woollies. We have an on-going moth problem so packing things away is always a bit nerve wracking.

  2. Those retched, retched moths- because there really isn’t enough to do already!

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