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A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with Vivienne Westwood

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Yesterday afternoon I went to tea with Vivienne Westwood. Which was a great opportunity to don a Vivienne number- albeit in a somewhat altered style. Lucky for me she has been making dropped elastic waists recently.
The tea party was to honour Vivienne’s cover design and introduction in a new, special edition of ‘ Alice in Wonderland.’
DSC_0010The book celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. Who better cast to collaborate with the celebration of the longevity of this clever book than Vivienne Westwood who has always pushed at the boundaries of conventional ideas. Vivienne is passionate that everything we are told should be questioned because a lot of it is not true, a view so perfectly illustrated at the mad- hatter’s tea party. I was delighted Vivienne told my daughters yesterday to think for themselves in life, I hope it is a memory they shall treasure and live by!
They certainly LOVED the bag…
Who wouldn’t.


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