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Portrait by Ilka and Franz Part 1

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The other day, I was requested for my portrait to be taken by a young German/ Austrian photographer duo called Ilka and Franz.
Impressed with their portfolio and being always eager to be part of a creative process I was delighted to oblige.
They had one request- that I should come with a prop.
I chose this Wedgwood teacup, mostly because I like the teacup’s design. Also, because I like tea and traditions.
This morning I took the overland train to a tall, pink block in Hackney to meet Ilka and Franz. I sat for Ilka and Franz as they photographed me alternately. I moved a bit, under the precise direction of Ilka and Franz.
This picture, of a moment in time when a pregnant, English- looking woman drinking tea in printed clothes, red lipstick and pearls, as she stared into the middle distance, will be part of a series of photographs by Ilka and Franz of ” influential women in the arts.”
I am flattered to be part of Ilka and Franz’s choice of women and had just the kind of morning I really enjoy participating in their project.


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