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Art Project Part 4

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The large piece of board, bought for my big painting, has been leaning unattractively against the wall in the hall for a bit too long now. The disruption to quiet time during the Easter holidays did not help the progression of my art project. Though, whilst on holiday in Norfolk I did buy an inspiringly expensive piece of charcoal in the form of a pencil from a snazzy art shop along the parade in Wells on Sea.
A few weeks ago I asked Dominic to take a photograph of me to be used as inspiration. The day the children returned to school I cycled, in the bright but chilly weather, to snappy snaps to get it printed.
In the photograph I am wearing a swimsuit that I may adapt into a bright bikini, accessorised with my favourite earrings by Claire Fouche and uber- cool heels by Malone Souliers. My hair is deliberately unbrushed to attempt a playfully curly style ( good to draw) and the pregnant belly is a bonus, I think, maybe!
Next step- use new pencil to draw inspired image on large board, paint it and get annoying board out of hallway…


One thought on “Art Project Part 4

  1. Love the nonchalant pose in cossie plus heels! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

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