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An Inspiring Day For A Pregnant Woman

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Yesterday I did a shoot at my home for the wonderful ‘ NINE IN THE MIRROR.’ The online company is the creation of the uber- styly Adriana Chryssicopoulos and her friend and online marketer Tatiana Boisanger. NINE IN tHE MIRROR sells clothes for pregnancy and beyond. The ethos is to keep your style regardless and whilst embracing pregnancy.
I was delighted to model for them.
Lovely having my hair and make-up done at home in my bedroom.
My son, Hector has already broken up for the Easter holidays and was at home too. He was very sweet letting people in and out and carrying boxes of clothes. Enthused by the encouragement of the beautiful women who arrived from NINE IN THE MIRROR he decided to make a few nifty arrangements in the kitchen while ‘ Mum’ was busy. An old red plastic bowl was filled with popcorn and a chipped plate covered in some ( a little old) digestives. I hope he was only surprised and not too disappointed when the elegant and slender women politely declined his offerings.
After the shoot, already made up, I was ready for my evening’s outing.DSC_0021 Out into the windy night to go to the Belgraves hotel for the 3rd birthday of the launch of Spectator life magazine hosted by Olivia Cole and Andrew Neil. Inspired by my day and the article in the latest edition of Spectator Life about candidates for the next James Bond part, I suggested to Andrew that ‘James’ could become Jane. Not pregnant perhaps, but a woman certainly! He thought that was funny- in a good way, I hope.


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