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Showing Off The Bump In Funky New Movie- ‘Alleycats’

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DSC_0011About a month ago I was offered a film role. That is the best and most enjoyable way to get a part- avoiding the tension of the casting process. I was delighted, especially because I like the script very much- the story of a seedy politician, played by John Hannah, who becomes, by default, involved in a sub- culture of illegal bike racers. However, unbeknown to the production of ‘ Alleycats’, I was four months pregnant.
In my chic Aquascutum trench and Vuitton bag I went to Pulse films to see its owner and director of the movie- Ian Bonhote. We had a very nice meeting. I said that it was possible to play the elegant politician’s wife while pregnant. He agreed and we talked of examples of men in power whose pregnant wives have helped their image.
Max Kinnings and Ian- the script writers wrote the pregnancy into the script, even retaining the bit about the politician’s wife being a sexy number! I am very pleased.
Yesterday, I had my first day on the film. It was so good to be there, the team, the buzz, the make-up, the wardrobe, the tension, the set, the familiar sound of..” camera rolling and action!” all thrill and delight me.
Amongst that, a funny thing happened yesterday.. As I walked on set I instinctively touched my pregnant belly. A fellow actor said to me, ‘ Oh did you do that to get into character..!?’ I turned, astonished and smiled at him, then I laughed and laughed. He really thought my pregnant bump was fake! Then out in the corridor another man asked if my costume was uncomfortable. Again I thought that was very funny, particularly when I told him it was real and he thought I was jesting! There seemed to be no convincing him, even when I asked him if he wanted to touch it.. which I slightly regretted- no need to get physical with this young man to prove a point. I walked away very glad about everything!


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