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Art Project Part 1


DSC_0010This is a space, above the sofa in the sitting room which I have not found the right painting to fill. Over the years I have lived here I have put different things on that wall- a group of things and a single piece but have never been really pleased with the use of space.
I have decided to design something myself. I am not a trained artist and this will be the first time I have painted anything so large apart from walls ( in one colour.) I want the painting to fill the space from picture to dado rail.
I will go the the wood yard with my measurements and buy a piece of wood. Then I will treat it with acrylic primer. Acrylic is the paint I have chosen because I have never, ever used oils and I don’t think water colours work on wood.
Because of the large size and my inexperience I shall doubtless attempt to conceal some my design and strokes under the guise of ‘abstract.’ Even before I have begun I am threatened by uncertainty. I will fight, in my worst moments, a desire to give up and preserve until the wood is covered and complete. Hopefully, then it will go on the wall. It will be helpful to remember these 4 things;
1) Be bold
2) Nothing matters that much
4) Could be fun
3) Dominic, as a tree surgeon, has good means of getting rid of old wood at work.
The next instalment of ‘Art Project’ will be coming soon but not definitively sure exactly when yet.
Though that wall space is driving me nuts…


2 thoughts on “Art Project Part 1

  1. What a great idea for a tricky space! I think it’s best to just get going with the paints and see where it takes you – it’s always easy to over-think it. Good luck!

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