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A Different Life


camilla r 012
Sometimes I think of leaving London and going to live in Northumberland, perhaps. This morning I would have liked to have walked away from the London pavements into icy fields and misty air.
There in the northern hills, I would buy a grand stone house with high ceilings and vast windows and fill it with my children and have some more. We would have dogs and chickens. The family would ride and look after sheep. Used to the wind, we would be, hardy from our outdoorsy life. We would eat heartily but always be fit and strong. We would read and write like the Bronte sisters, indulging in our imaginations and space.
For the moment, I shall put that idea away with the others as London life perks up as January comes to an end.


3 thoughts on “A Different Life

  1. Great photo Camilla! If I’m not mistaken, that is April’s kitchen at the Hall – it’s just perfect isn’t it?! Incidentally I have a big noticeboard up in my own kitchen (in the North!) with some of my favourite pictures, postcards and magazine cuttings and I’ve recently realised that one of those pictures is you, quite some years ago – at least I think it’s you! You are wearing a very smart tweed coat, brogues and standing on a lawn holding a gigantic leaf like an umbrella – which I always think looks like rhubarb but I know it isn’t! Anyway thought I would share my “link” between you, kitchens and The North! And yes, our fields were icy and misty this morning but how I sometimes just long for the bright lights and pavements of London….. Xx

    • Hi Maudie, that is me under the rhubarb leaf! So cool you have it on your noticeboard. I love those kind of shoots, I feel they have the right person for the job..April’s house was often the place for the ‘english eccentric’ shoot and I worked there many times over the years. London can certainly be fun and I wonder if I shall ever really leave it but the dramatic countryside of The North often comes to my mind! xxx

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