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Christmas Traditions

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Should you have a knitting friend or relative, these hanging socks are lots of fun for the kids at Christmas. Instead of an advent calendar, each little sock is labelled with a number representing a day in the countdown to Christmas.
Years ago, when I only had two of my children, the Granny of our au-pair sent two of these chains of socks to us all the way from Germany. We have used them every year since. The eldest has now relinquished his so the youngest can have a go.
I did try one year to tie together some odd socks to make a third chain but it didn’t look as good.
I fill each little sock with a small present and hang them on the 1st of December. The present must be small and hopefully not utterly useless. A little nail brush, a rubber and a key ring are good as well as at least one tangerine and a piece of coal- no not coal, that would be too messy.. But it should not be extravagant because, like lots of things over Christmas, it is the anticipation that is exciting.


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