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Richard Young’s ‘Nightclubbing’ Launch

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Here I am looking moody setting off for my friend Richard Young’s party.
The event was to celebrate 40 years, to the night, of Richard taking photographs and the unveiling of his new book ‘ Nightclubbing.’
Off we went to the grand ballroom of the Rosewood Hotel.
The dress code was 70s, 80s, 90s or naughties. My interpretation was fairly mild but those shoes are definitely 80s and who wears a sequinned mini these days? My state of mind was ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ because you’ve got to ‘think’ your role!
There was cheese fondue, chocolate fountains and a lit up dance floor.
Richard told us to party because that is how he has been doing it all these years. All good there then…
Richard is a great photographer, super host and lovely friend.. I was so pleased to be there to celebrate with him.
IMG_20141124_220202 2


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