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Phone Checking..At ALL OCCASIONS..!?

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Is it really necessary to keep checking and re-checking phones and taking calls whatever the occasion or circumstance?
I read of a doctor who answered his phone whilst performing a surgical operation. On that occasion the patient died and the doctor was struck off and sued for negligence. The fact that the doctor took the phone call in the first place suggests, that perhaps, it was not an extraordinary thing to do and where it not for the fatal outcome of that circumstance no one would be the wiser.
I am a person who must be vigilant of what others are doing around me. I first thought about this when my father warned me, when I was a little girl, not to be the one soldier walking out of step convinced it is the others who have it wrong. I realised, even then ( some thirty years ago) when my father told me that, that I am inherently inclined to this time wasting approach.
Despite this self awareness, in practise I am still slow to try a different way of doing things to the way I was doing things in the first place. I was slow to get a mobile phone and got one when I realised I might loose modelling work if I waited to be available by a land line in whatever city I was living in at the time. Since then I was slow to get a computer and even slower to join the trends all around me and join social media.
I think.. I get it now.. at least I am trying to.
None the less, on some occasions can’t we just forget about checking our phones.. or am I still behind the times?


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