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Maria Grachvogel Celebrates Twenty Years at Salmontini in Belgravia

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Now this is an outfit to be worn with aplomb! No shrinking violets here! At last, I could wear my Claire Fouche earrings without them overpowering the clothes.
I am wearing Maria Grachvogel- a designer I admire and a friend. Maria is a master in making long silhouettes of whoever wears her clothes.
I modelled for Maria years ago when I had one small baby who often accompanied me because I was young, strong and did not think it mattered. I would not take a baby to work now if I could at all avoid it. I would be too worried about professionalism, being frazzled and annoying other people. I remember Maria being a little bemused to see a baby crawling around her showroom floor before her show. Maria remembers too!
Maria has now been a designer under her own label for twenty years. On Wednesday evening we celebrated her achievement at a dinner at Salmontini restaurant in Belgravia. We had a really wonderful time. Should you ever want to look as thin and as tall as possible with a funky-elegant combo try Maria’s designs- her success is no coincidence.


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