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Another Shelf In A High Place

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In the hall above the kitchen door is a fine place for a new shelf, especially for things not needed too frequently. In this case those things are the photograph albums. I had been wondering for some time where to put them. They had been stored amongst some old curtains and Christmas decorations underneath the window seat in the sitting room. That wasn’t a good place for them. I am pleased with the job I did in making these albums and proud and sentimental about the story the albums tell. The photographs are chronologically arranged. The story starts when I met the father of my first two children. We partied, got married, had a baby, moved house and got pregnant with another baby. We are now divorced but those years that led up to the birth of my first child are recorded and alive in the pages of the first albums I made. They mark the beginning of my family’s life. The story continues on to another house move, living alone with my two children and onwards to meeting Dominic. Then there’s the birth of Nancy, the end of the pushchair days and onto school. The pictures are nearly all joyous (choosing not to photograph the not so enjoyable moments) and we love looking at them. Luckily there is room on the shelf for another ten years of family fun!


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