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Cupboards and Wallpaper


Deciding to quickly turn the old, shelved pantry into a wardrobe for hanging dresses turned out, at first, to be somewhat overwhelming. Chunks of wall came out with the removal of the shelves. Oops! Help! The cement mix was pulled out of the cupboard under the stairs leaving the polyfiller for a daintier occasion. The cement was applied with artistic flourish and enthusiasm. Once done my concern, unfortunately, did not abait- it looked a mess. Then brainwave- get out the wallpaper. Slap it on. This may not be brilliant but I can tell you- the transformation is rustic but amazing.
From the linen cupboard I extracted a lavender bag and hung it on the new rail! Touch! This wallpaper idea could revolutionise unsightly problems around the home. Just wondering what or who to slap it on next!


3 thoughts on “Cupboards and Wallpaper

  1. made me laugh out loud, for real. love this post!

    • So pleased you laughed, really! Love from Camilla

    • It is uncanny that there should be a conversation between Camilla Rutherford and Camilla Rutherford, but quite possible- you over there in New Zealand, me here in London! It took me a while to work it out myself- figuring that maybe I sent myself a cheering comment in a moment of lucidity!? I have sent you an e-mail to New Zealand dear other Camilla. Perhaps the distinction in our names is that perhaps you are a ‘Mrs’ having married a Rutherford? Rutherford is my maiden name and I go by ‘Ms.’xxx Camilla Rutherford

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