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Another Autumn


Last week one of my children started primary school and another started secondary school. I felt robust as I said goodbye to my son and then my daughter, on their special day. I did not feel the anguish of nostalgia for their past baby years but pleased for the future.
It was today that the so familiar smell of fallen leaves weakened me . The smell, so evocative of the autumns after autumns in one’s life, filled me with a sentimental sorrow for the passing years and for times that will never be again.DSC_0068 A little indulgence is ok- to feel variety of emotion, but too much would be upsetting.
My father, when he was alive, told me that every night he would think about what he had learnt that day.
My trick- my soothing balm, is to always have something to look forward to. Littler things- clean sheets and hot baths, tea in a pretty sitting room in a nice dress surrounded by happy children. Or bigger things- a new kitchen equipped for all purpose or winning an award and being able to do something for the world. Thoughts and day dreams like these keep me hopeful and optimistic about the future.
Anyway, I am a mother and I must be strong so my children will know everything will be ok.


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