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Loving the Cat

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DSC_4822Our cat is called Boxer. The children called him that because when he was a kitten he used his paws for speedy batting. We wanted a grey cat for diplomatic reasons. We knew a sad black cat of which we did not want to be reminded and a brown or ginger cat might upset the brown or ginger colouring already present in the household. We held out but finally we found a grey kitten in Slough. Dominic and I brought him home together, in a shoe box.
People think he is pedigree but he is not- he is just a mog, but the confusion makes us proud.
I trust Boxer- his love for me is absolute. And I love him back, completely.
DSC_4819 Whatever my mood, he understands, just as my cat did when I was a child. That may be sentimental and trite but home wouldn’t be so homely without the comfort of occasional self indulgence.
Boxer sits with Dominic and me when we have a drink in the kitchen after the children have gone to bed. He likes that a lot. Sometimes Dominic and I use funny voices and words when we are talking to the cat, like when Dom calls him ‘ Gato’ drawing the word out for as long as he can. Dominic says that ‘Gato’ means cat in Japanese- I don’t know.
We talk about Boxer to each other and sometimes to other people, if they seem interested, it is calming and bonding like talking about the weather.
Please tell me to stop, should you meet me, and find me a little short of fascinating! But I do love that cat…
Maud Rutherford was the photographer on the ‘ Mum and Boxer’ shoot.


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