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Clair Fouche Earrings are Brilliant..

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At a party recently, I saw a girl in a great pair of earrings and I told her so. Her name was Tatijana von Stein. Tatijana asked me for a card which I did not have. Testament, though, to Tatijana’s organisation and memory she followed through our conversation about the design of the earrings she was wearing to the party. And a few days later I got an email from my agent containing a message from the earring’s designer.
Claire Fouche is her name. To my happy pleasure Claire offered me the choice of a pair of earrings from the selection she sent me.
Subsequently, I noticed that I was not alone in my appreciation of Claire Fouche’s earrings as I saw a piece about her jewellery in the pages of Vogue, no less.
It is always nice when cool people like the same things as you. But this should not be a necessity to affirm a style choice- just a reassuring coincidence! It is so hard to find something new- a good place I often think is to go to the college fashion shows to see if you can see something good and support it from its early stages.
Claire says she wanted to ” create jewellery that combines couture luxe with handmade craftsmanship in a modern context.”
I think she has done a great job.
When I find the right outfit and perhaps go to the hairdresser I hope I shall do these funky creations justice. In the meantime I am delighted with looking at them.


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