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Summer Exhibition Preview Party at The Royal Academy

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In the late afternoon sunshine and blusters of wind, I asked my au pair girl to take this photograph. Because the sun was in my eyes and the wind was threatening to blow my dress up I have managed to look quite sultry! Not deliberate, I promise!
I am wearing Louis Vuitton with Donna Karan shoes, an inherited bracelet and my favourites of the moment- ‘rouge coco’ lipstick by Chanel and earrings by Kara Ross.
Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. My mother, like me, loves roses and I picked her red ones from the garden before collecting her to go to the summer exhibition preview party at the Royal Academy.
Everywhere you look, on all subjects and to captivate all variety of tastes- art, art, art and more art hung on the walls of rooms of great dimensions and beauty.
Wonderful portraits;
Topical subjects;
I thought of the children and how to inspire them;
And how to inspire myself to paint, draw and be creative;
The rooms filled with glamorous and famous people…
There were many waiters pouring champagne, there were oysters and delicious desserts…
Surely I should encourage a career in art for the children, I shall take them to the Royal Academy and show them paintings like these..
This is my youngest’s latest creation…you have to start somewhere, I shall tell her to persevere.
I was compelled by this notion..
And moved by the emotion that comes from being surrounded by art…
I hope my mum had a lovely birthday!


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