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Royal College of Art Fundraising Gala Dinner and Graduate Fashion Show


In another life I would have loved to have studied at The Royal College of Art in Kensington- ‘should have, if I could have, I would have!’
I entered its prestigious doors yesterday evening, for an event to help raise money for scholarships for future students to be able to go this school of excellence. Naturally I got very dressed up for the event..wearing a beautiful Louis Vuitton skirt, top and clutch. On my feet- my trusted friends- my not too high but tres chic Roger Vivier shoes and on my lips my Channel ‘rouge coco’ lipstick. From my ears hang a new discovery of mine- Kara Ross whose earrings I think are a sensation!
The evening began with a graduate fashion show, and it rocked; styles created with the confidence of youth, the encouragement of great education and the zeal of talent!
It was brilliant to see old friends whom I have worked with and known over the years that I have been involved in fashion. This is my friend Bay Garnet who has done so well in her career, recently setting up Vestaire. She is sat with the extremely intelligent and beautiful Fiona Golfar who, to my delight, recognised me from a Vogue shoot we did ten years ago.
Here are two other lovely friends, also so accomplished and inspiring… Alice Temperley and Laura Bailey..
To add to my pleasure in the evening’s company I met someone who I have recently discovered and have been admiring from afar..
This is Alice.. from ‘Alice in her Palace.’ After starting my blog, I saw Alice’s blog and loved it! Alice and I are going to go out for lunch.


2 thoughts on “Royal College of Art Fundraising Gala Dinner and Graduate Fashion Show

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