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Valeria Napoleone Hosts a Supper Party at her Splendid Home

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Yesterday evening I went to have dinner at the house of Valeria Napoleone. The address of her house is splendid and having grown up near by I know it well. It is at the edge of Kensington Gardens, up the guarded street of Palace Green, Kensington Palace Gardens.
My Osman Yousefzada top gave me a good excuse to wear a bright nail polish and funky cuff.
Valeria has an impressive career in the the world of art collecting.
When buying art Valeria thinks of her house and were she might put the piece. What she can not fit she stores. The pieces rotate. Valeria entertains greatly and cooks amazingly. She has three children who have grown up surrounded by people and art.
The house was full of colourful people.
After supper Valeria’s daughter danced and sang. She is in a band called ‘ The Line dots.’
I went home thinking about my children and bringing them up in a vibrant household full of colour, shape, good food and people.


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