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High Shelves for Novels and Large Books and Things

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Despite the internet books are a good addition to a household. They can have been a present, or are a memory of a time or place when they were read or are a story too dear to throw away. They can be a reference or simply a good looking book. Whichever, and in however many ways a book is important, books look good on the shelves of a house. It is just finding the shelves which can be a problem. Luckily for me, Dominic can put up shelves and has been nice enough to put up quite a few.
Some books are too big for some shelves. Above a doorway can be an ideal place for a shelf (for books less often looked at) if the ceiling is high enough.
DSC_0009 2
I like the look of books and things on a shelf above the doorway, below is another example. This shelf runs all the way along to the other side of the room. This is very practical in the kitchen, for big pots and things not often used.
DSC_0004 3
The shelf below is held up by the wall and the old chimney breast high up in the kitchen. It joins up with the shelf above, all Dominic’s work!
DSC_0004 2
These shelves are in the alcove of the stairwell leading up to the loft. I am delighted with them. I wanted one more, or even the shelves to go right up to the ceiling. We could have had a ladder to reach the top books, like the ladder the leads from the deck to the hull of a boat. But I had to agree with Dominic that this was a little impractical.
Mostly these shelves have novels I have liked on them.
In the place of the extra shelves I wanted, I have hung a poster. It is one of my favourite posters- ‘Gone with the Wind.” I have had it since I was ten or so, since we went to America to learn about the American civil war. In Atlanta we watched ‘Gone with the Wind.’ As it says on the poster it certainly was to me then “The most magnificent picture ever” with, amongst other memorable scenes, the drama of Atlanta burning in the background as Rhett and Scarlett’s escape. It moved me and contributed to my ambition to be an actress.


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