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An Evening out at Pringle and Gabrielle’s Gala

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Here I am with my baldy at the beginning of the evening. ‘Baldy’ is a term of endearment of course, especially because Dominic is hunky and handsome! Dominic is a must for any evening out.
First we had an essential cup of tea at Pringle and looked at their beautifully simple and sumptuous new collection.
Here I am with Pringle’s creative director Massimo Nicosia who is really charming and my super friend Yasmin Mills who hosted the tea party.
Then we went to Gabrielle’s Gala dinner. We started with champagne from a decked bar.
During dinner I put my camera away, it was hard not to cry as we listened to Gabrielle’s mother’s story about her daughter. Gabrielle was so beautiful and so intelligent and so young. Some other stories told last night didn’t end tragically like Margot’s story whose parents campaigned so tenaciously to find their daughter a donor.
It was brilliant to see so much money being spent in the auction in aid of Gabrielle Angel Foundation for cancer research. Rita Ora sang, we danced and drank more champagne. It was a great party, even better than last year, a fine legacy to Gabrielle.140507_115632</a
Tonight I am taking Dom to see The London Cabaret’s pop up club at The Collection in South Kensington, he hasn’t seen Cabaret before.
I hope I won’t be in too bad a mood with the children on the weekend. I’ll get to bed early tomorrow, maybe.


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