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At a lunch once I met a perfumer. She told me the most interesting story and something I did not know. She said she was employed by film productions to make perfumes for the main characters in films. Perfumes like the smell of cigar smoke, stale whisky mixed with dirty clothes. The wearing of such a smell would be so transporting for the actor wearing it and those around that it is well worth the investment of a perfumer’s skills. I can imagine. Scents are evocative and powerful. There is nothing like a bad one- to be avoided on social occasions, depending on the desired effect!
Scent is fancy, an unnecessary and lavish addition. It should be as good as possible.
I have a variety of scents made by the some of the world’s long-lasting and top fashion houses. I am lucky because some of these scents have been given to me by the company themselves. Like ‘Amber’ by Prada which was sent to me engraved with my initials. Should I not have been so lucky I would not have as many scents, perhaps only one or two. I keep my scents on my Grandmother’s dressing table tray.
I do not wear scent all the time, if I did not have a good one I wouldn’t wear one at all and hope to smell only of nice soap and maybe a bit of powder. Like Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden.
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