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The School Run

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Camilla Rutherford, The English Mother taking kids to school on school run
This is a picture taken for the World Wildlife Foundation. I was asked to do a poster for a campaign called ‘Do The Green Thing.’ The camera was on a tripod and the children helped ( because they are the most technical) with writing on the photograph afterwards.
I don’t have a car at the moment. We walk to and from school every morning and afternoon, rain or shine! Sometimes we do have to run. We are lucky that the children’s school is close enough.
Mostly, I walk everywhere I can. I love walking. It gives me time to think and daydream. Sometimes a walk can become an adventure, taking you somewhere you had not expected. Usually I am going somewhere specific. It is a luxury, because, when I am not working I have the time to do it. Since September all my children go to school. This has changed my day a lot. For the first time in eleven years there is no small person at home in the middle of the day. I liked walking with a pushchair, that too was a luxury. I felt proud to have a baby to push around. The baby was usually so happy in the pushchair. We could walk around companionably for hours, busy but at leisure.
For my next birthday Dominic might get me a dog. I hope so, but it is a big responsibility and maybe it is not the right time. I have always wanted a dog. We would do so much walking. The problem would be when I couldn’t which happens unexpectedly and not with very much notice.
There are too many cars on the road, often with only one person in each. Road accidents are so frequent, it is very scary. Sometimes breathing the air in London is frustrating because you wish it was fresher and people are getting fatter, not moving around enough. For me not having a car isn’t too hard. The winter months can be tiring with the wet, the cold and the dark afternoons. Sometimes I would like to rescue the children in a warm car but overall it is good for them to walk. It is a small thing we can do for the problems in the environment, that is a big bonus.


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