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Recently, on a weekend in Norfolk one of my daughters said she wanted to sleep near the window so she could be woken by the sound of the birds. They are so busy at this time of year.
When we came back to London, I saw that outside our kitchen doors to the garden, deep in the branches of the honeysuckle, a nest was being built. Quickly, it could be seen that it was the work of two large wood pigeons. I told Dominic about it. He said that wood pigeons coo very loudly. This I saw no objection to, actually I like that sound. Then he said they would make a mess, marking the kitchen doors. This was more objectionable. Nonetheless, I was pleased about it. Bird’s nests are fascinating. Steady progress would be made, new life would come and the mother would work tirelessly looking after her young until they were ready to leave the nest. A familiar story. The pigeons could be watched so easily from the kitchen. I could throw crumbs out to help them on their quest for survival and for their little ones, soon to arrive.
Imagine my dismay, when, two days later, I saw this from the upstairs window.DSC_0001 3
Of course I knew the cat was interested in the pigeons. Seeing him prowl around on the ground below was part of the fun. In retrospect, I hope there was no sadism in this enjoyment.
Sitting in the nest, he was. I would like to counsel him on this being just too mean. Perhaps I was being stupid but I didn’t think the ‘ pigeons in the honeysuckle outside the kitchen doors’ story would be so short. The honeysuckle was high up and could only be reached by a thin, perilous and twirling branch.
What will happen to the pigeons now… Will they have to build their nest elsewhere as quickly as possible?
Can’t think how I would have felt if I found a monster sitting in my baby’s cot days before the new child’s arrival. Like the pigeons, I had been endlessly arranging and rearranging in anticipation.
Maybe the pigeons will brave it and come back, but should they?


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