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Bay windows

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The house we live in is Edwardian, built in 1903 during the short reign of Edward VII. In the sitting room we have a classic bay window.
For a while, I had a round table in the bay window and it looked good. It was in keeping with the architecture of the house, the table itself was mahogany and late Victorian, perhaps early Edwardian. It was nice to sit at the table and I polished it with beeswax so that it shone. But I rarely sat at the table, I didn’t have time.
I had thought, when we moved in, that I would keep the t.v in the cupboard and bring it out sometimes. But then we got a beautiful LG tv, flat screened and huge and it seemed silly to put it away. It didn’t have any noticeable wires and anyway we wanted to watch it, quite regularly. The round table clipped the view and so, finally, it had to go. Comfort and practicality won over aesthetics for their own sake.
I put my desk in the bay window. And I liked that, especially for those moments of looking up and staring. So nice and calming to see things beyond the window, people and the cherry trees outside the house. But I have my mac on the desk and no net curtains and my son said it was dangerous. I moved the desk to the other side of the room. Finally, I decided a window seat would be ideal. As well as looking good, people could sit on it, sitting down being a main function of the sitting room. Dominic made it for me. I cut and hemmed the curtains to size and drew pheasants on the pelmet for fun. We had some dark blue paint left over from another job and used it to paint the inner sides of the window seat. I wish I had painted the pheasants in the dark blue too, but there wasn’t any dark blue paint left and I found this other blue.DSC_0025 I have the left over curtain pieces and plan on covering foam panels for the back and seat but I do like the dark blue so I have hesitated and just put cushions for a bit of comfort and decoration. Along with the sofa, two armchairs, a puff, a stool, the desk chair, a mini armchair, an old nursing chair and now the window seat there is usually somewhere to sit. It is good because on a busy day in the sitting room, fifteen people can sit down now, with a cup of tea on their laps or a glass of champagne in their hand, and it is not a very big room. DSC_0052


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