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Easter Traditions

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It is traditional to eat hot cross buns during Lent. The first bun being eaten on Shrove Tuesday and the last on Good Friday. I have been very happy to keep up this tradition and bought a bumper packet of hot cross buns from the supermarket. The children don’t like them, so I have been breakfasting alone with a cup of tea and a hot cross bun. This is not a traditional way to eat a hot cross bun. Traditionally, one bun should be shared between two; “Half for you and half for me. Between us two shall goodwill be.” To eat only half a bun would be very disciplined, I find it hard to resist hopping back over to the toaster to have a second one. But I don’t!
When a hot cross bun is cut in half the halves are much fatter than toast and mustn’t stay too long in the toaster. Though a tiny frazzle of burnt isn’t bad, especially with a bit of marmalade. I have been having mine with lots of butter. The sky has been so blue and bright over the last few days, I have been taking my small ceremony into the garden. I work hard to get the best out of the experience; getting all morning jobs out of the way, feeding the children and making sure that they are occupied. It doesn’t take long to eat the bun but the moment should be relished. It would feel quite natural to kiss the bun before starting which is traditional, because of the cross.DSC_0014


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