The English Mother

Moments in an English Mother's Life


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This is a picture I drew of the children and me when they were younger. I coloured it in with their felt tips. It was before they all went to school. Sometimes things were a bit stressful then, especially when I got a work call whilst looking after the children.
Being creative, however simply, is so refreshing. Playing the guitar or drawing a picture can stop some feelings from becoming negative. Not considering yourself very good at drawing or painting or music can stop you from doing anything at all or at the least from finishing anything. I try to challenge myself with the same thing I tell the children- finish the picture. It is surprising how decorative a simple picture can be. There is always a spare bit of wall.
This picture is about always needing to work and wanting to pursue my ambition to be an actress. For actors the phone can change everything, or nothing!! Such is the anticipation for the phone to ring and so unpredictable as to when it does that I try to take the call whatever I am doing!!


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