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DSC_0013This is our stove top. Sometimes I wish I had a range cooker and maybe one day I will get one! When I bought the house the stove was there with the oven further along the counter. I put up the rail for the saucepans and the rack for the spices. Some of my children’s pictures and things I have framed are stuck and hung on the old chimney breast. I put two flower pots from the garden on either side of the stove for utensils and other useful things, like hammers!

One weekend Dominic and I decided to get rid of the counter and cupboards that ran along the opposite wall so that the kitchen would be bigger. As usual it was a bigger and messier job than we had optimistically predicted. After sorting that out, and the various jobs that the main job created, the kitchen is now bigger I am very pleased about that- more room to dance, for a start! But it has left a shortage of counter space, a new problem- to be sorted later, perhaps after my next big job! A kitchen extension would be super deluxe.

Having a kettle on the stove top saves space. I have bought a few kettles over the last few years and I now have affection them, I don’t think I’ll ever have an electric kettle now. This kettle has lasted the longest. It is by Le Creuset and I wanted it for a while. Like a big bath it takes a while for the water to be ready, whereupon it sings loudly reminding you its time for a cup of tea. Hopefully, at this point you haven’t embarked on another activity upstairs. The children all now know how to turn the knob and stop the piercing noise. The longed for cup of tea can sometimes be elusive because the system of turning off and on can be repeated with frustrating frequency! Still, there is nothing like looking forward to something!!!


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